Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CarePoint different from other scribe companies?

You are part of a team at CarePoint. You will develop relationships with the physicians, the PA"s, and the administrative team at the location where you work on a weekly basis. Our physicians and PA"s understand our scribes long term goals are to move on to school. They mentor you and teach you, and may even provide letters of recommendation. We are extremely proud when our scribes leave to attend Medical, PA or Nursing School. This year alone, 25% of our scribes were accepted into school. That is a significant number who have moved on to further their medical career.

Do you train scribes?

We have an internally-developed scribe training program. Your first week will be in a classroom setting. We utilize a variety of training methods including lectures, videos, chart recreation and quizzes. You will be required to "˜study" the training material provided to you. After successful completion of training in the classroom, new scribes complete clinical shadowing shifts with an experienced scribe. Over the next two months, you will receive continued education through reviews of your chart documentation and additional classroom training. Our experienced scribes have a wealth of knowledge, and tips and tricks! They love to help and mentor our new scribes. We strive to develop a community amongst our scribes. Please note, we do pay for any time you spend training. 

Do you get paid?

Yes, our scribe positions are paid at an hourly rate. In addition, you will be eligible for benefits.

Do scribes provide direct patient care?

No, our scribes do not have any hands-on physical interaction with patients. 

Are there opportunities to be promoted?

Yes! We utilize our experienced scribes as Trainers and Team Leads. We look to promote proficient scribes that are motivated and dedicated to their roles.

Do you schedule around school, studying for testing or interviews?

Absolutely. Many of our scribes are still in school. We work around class schedules. We also have some scribes taking MCAT or GRE preparation classes. CarePoint will work with you on those obligations. In addition, we know interviews are critical and often scheduled at the last minute. We make sure you have the time off you need for these important commitments.

Where will I be working?

CarePoint scribes provide documentation support to physicians at HealthONE hospitals and freestanding emergency departments throughout the Denver Metro area. You will be assigned to work at two HealthONE locations.

Our Emergency Department Scribes support physicians at:

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