About Us
taking great care of patients

100% physician-owned and led

A physician-owned and led practice is very special because it is becoming a rare practice environment for physicians. Most practices are beholden to venture capitalists with intense focus on the bottom line.

CarePoint is a practice where our physicians can practice in an autonomous environment where they work with their partners to determine best practices, staffing structure, and compensation models.

At CarePoint, you are in a clinical environment where you have a voice in how you practice and are able to focus on what is important - taking great care of patients.

laser-focused on what matters most

Service breadth and depth while providing the highest level of care

Our administrative and management staff provide a host of services, from operations support to legal services and everything in between, to support 600+ physicians and advanced practice providers in 11 different clinical settings.

The nonclinical support our employees provide enable our clinical professionals, who work in dozens of emergency departments and hundreds of hospitals across the U.S., to remain laser-focused on what matters most — providing the highest level of care to patients each and every day.