Infectious Disease

CarePoint has closed its Infectious Disease program as of April 30th, 2021. If you are a former patient or were recently referred to CarePoint Infectious Disease, please reach out to your Primary Care Provider for a referral to an alternative Infectious Disease group.


Please consider the following as options to provide timely outpatient infectious disease care:

  • Rocky Mountain Infectious Disease Specialists – Visit or call 303.750.1800
  • Infectious Disease Consultants – Visit or call 303.831.4774.
  • Colorado Infectious Disease – Visit or call 303.777.0781.

If you are a patient with HIV, please consider one of the following clinics:

Medicopy, on behalf of CarePoint Infectious Disease, would be happy to send the medical records authored by CarePoint Infectious Disease providers regarding the medical care provided to you by CarePoint Infectious Disease to a new provider upon receipt of an appropriate written authorization to disclose protected health information from you. CarePoint Infectious Disease's Authorization for Use/Disclosure of Protected Health Information can be found here:

Authorization for Use/Disclosure of Protected Health Information

Please call Medicopy for medical records requests at (866) 587-6274 or fax medical records requests to (833) 416-9137.