Neuropsychology Psychometrician



Blue Sky Neurology - Englewood, CO


A Psychometrist is a clinical position that entails interaction with patients, their families, and their caregivers. They will administer and score standardized and non-standardized tests of cognitive function including attention, memory, language, visuospatial/constructional ability, executive function, mood, and personality for the purpose of assisting in the diagnosis of neurobehavioral disorders. They will help establish an appropriate testing environment, score all tests administered, and prepare an accurate summary of scores and behavioral observations for the staff neuropsychologist. They will work with two different neuropsychologists within a busy multidisciplinary outpatient neurology clinic in Denver.


1.) Under the supervision of the Neuropsychologist, administers standardized neuropsychological tests of intelligence and mental abilities in the course of a work-up for behavioral disorders, associated with known or suspected neurological/psychiatric illness/disease including neurodegenerative conditions, cerebrovascular disease, MS, epilepsy, stroke, brain tumor, learning disability, ADHD, developmental disorders and other syndromes affecting brain and behavior. Testing is done in conjunction with the assessment of the patient/family member(s)/caregiver(s) by the staff neuropsychologist who will also conduct some of the testing.

2.) Makes observations of the patient's behavior and affect during the evaluation and records these in a concise, systematic manner.

3.) Establishes rapport with patients to ensure appropriate and comfortable conditions for conducting neuropsychological tests.

4.) Administers and scores self-report and interview-based inventories and checklists used with family member(s)/caregiver(s) for the purpose of obtaining additional information for the diagnostic evaluation.

5.) Scores all tests administered according to standardized methods and/or methods designed by the Neuropsychologist. Enters scores and other data in database as necessary.

6.) Coordinates daily testing schedule for patients and family members/caregivers. Schedules follow-up testing appointments when necessary and takes necessary steps to ensure maximal patient follow-through. For example, this may involve telephoning the patient/family/caregiver 1-2 days prior to the follow-up appointment as a reminder.

7.) Maintains test equipment and recording forms in working condition and good supply. Performs inventory and orders new supplies/equipment/forms as necessary. Notifies Neuropsychologist when equipment is in need of repair/replacement. Designs, updates, and produces new or replacement test forms per Neuropsychologist.

8.) Performs occasional administrative support tasks such as are necessary in the day-to-day operation of the Neuropsychology service.

9.) Performs other related duties as required.


Bachelor's Degree. Major in Psychology or other Behavioral Science and prior experience with neuropsychological testing highly preferred.


1.) Excellent interpersonal skills including the capacity to work with and elicit cooperation from patients with significant cognitive, behavioral, and psychiatric problems.

2.) Excellent interpersonal skills in interacting with other professional and administrative staff in the medical center.

3.) Excellent observational skills and the ability to record those observations systematically and reliably.

4.) Excellent organizational skill and attention to detail.

5.) Commitment to adhere to the highest ethical standards, as dictated by the Neuropsychologist and various mental health statutes. Willingness to undergo appropriate HIPAA training as designated by the Neuropsychologist, and follow all procedures to ensure the protection and privacy of protected health information and neuropsychological data.

Job Type: Full-time

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