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CarePoint PA Featured in Super Bowl Ad

Thank you to all first responders!

Anthony Lynn, coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, knew he was going to a firehouse to talk to dozens of first responders for a Super Bowl commercial. What he didn’t know was the gathering also included the responders who’d saved his life nearly 14 years earlier.

Lynn was struck by the drunk driver on Aug. 20, 2005 in Ventura, Calif., when he was an assistant coach for the Dallas Cowboys. He cartwheeled through the air and landed on a Volkswagen roughly 50 feet away. The car was totaled.

“We assumed that was the car that hit him,” said Skyla Bosco, a paramedic on the scene that night. “Little did we know that was the car he landed on.”

Since that night, Bosco became a PA with CarePoint Health and now works in Aurora, Colorado.

Join us in thanking first responders to thousands of incidents like this every year and also in thanking Skyla Bosco for her service!

Watch the commercial here or click here to ready more about the story and the commercial.