Interested in Becoming a Scribe?

Being a scribe offers you the invaluable opportunity to take a “behind the scenes" look at the relationship between provider and patient as well as the medical decision-making process that occurs during a patient encounter. Plus, you will be building relationships with physicians and physician assistants that can provide referrals.
Another benefit?  You can use these hours on your applications for shadowing requirements. If that was not enough, you also gain the experience of building a network with other scribes. Most of our scribes are planning to apply to Medical, PA or Nursing School. We also have a large network of scribes that have left their positions to attend Medical School and PA school. Some have come back to us as current PA"s. All unequivocally agree that the scribe experience was invaluable and put them ahead of their peers.
Scribes are a vital part of the CarePoint team. Our scribes work in the Emergency Department at HealthONE hospitals throughout the Denver metro area.  They observe the patient visit from start to finish.  You will be assigned to a physician or physician assistant, and will be present for patient evaluations.  During the patient evaluation, you will be documenting the patient physical exam and any procedures completed by the provider.  When you are not in the room, you will be prepping the electronic medical record (EMR) with the patient"s previous medical history as well as importing radiology reports, lab results and EKG"s.  The provider is relying on you to flag them upon completion of any procedure.   If the patient is being discharged, you will assist with preparing discharge summaries.  
What makes us different?
Our scribe program is internally developed.  We train you on our EMR and scribe workflow before your first shift.  All training is paid.  We commit to giving you at least three shifts per week and will work around school schedules.  Since some shifts end after midnight, we do pay a higher rate for those shifts.  Our raise model allows you to be eligible for raises throughout the first year based on your performance.   And if you want to increase your role, you can move into a trainer role.
Interested?  We are looking for people who are able to commit:
  • To a minimum of 3 shifts per week. The duration of the shifts is between 9–12 hours. 
  • We support shifts 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  Therefore, you must be able to work some days, evenings, overnights, weekends and holidays. 
  • Each scribe"s schedule is different from week to week so having flexibility is key.
  • This is a very fast-paced environment that requires the ability to multitask. You need to be comfortable in that type of environment. 
  • You will need reliable transportation.  
  • Given the training we provide to our scribes, you must have the ability to commit one year to the position.


We prefer that our candidates have had:
  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy and Physiology

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